Dutch Friendship Stables

Dutch Friendship Stables

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Mac at a dressage show with Lily

Hana (above) is a Quarter Horse. She had an amazing year in '15. She earned national High point dressage champion American Quarter Horse, and national reserved champion US Dressage Federation for Quarter horses with Rosalyne. She has an amazing work ethic. She has plenty of personality. Unfortunately she got hurt in 2016 after qualifying again for the USDF regional championships.

We are happy to have Hana now as a great asset to our lesson program. 

Mac (above) is a Quarter Horse. 

He is very good in reading people. He helps me teach good horsemanship.

He is a great horse for many riders.

His smarts, willingness to work and naughtiness are all assets that makes him a fun horse to work with.

Percy here ridden at home by Rosalyne

Percy (above) is double registered Arabian/ Pinto. He has an incredible sweet disposition but can get nervous at times when his 7/8 Arabian heritage surfaces.

He has come a long way. As his training and experiences increases his trust in people grows as well. He is super friendly and tries his hardest. 

Stafford (left) is a Zweibrucker (German Warmblood). He is very smart and a real peoples horse. 

He loves to be brushed and is the clown of the stable.

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