Dutch Friendship Stables

Dutch Friendship Stables

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Jessi and Will our 2 new rescues. They are both 17 year old Italian Greyhounds.

With Tobie our now 16 year old rescue from last year. One big happy family.

Gizmo was found on the side of the road. He found the way into our hearts. He is super sweet and loyal.

We also lost Mama cat in 2016 at the old age of 18. It is strange without her.

On the bright side, we adopted 15 year old Tobie this year and he is absolute adorable and is fitting in perfectly.

Two of our 5 outdoor cats. Working hard to keep the property rodent free and napping just as hard.

There always will be some cows around. Here a mama cow with her new born twins.

We lost Charlie in 2016 but I can't remove him from this page just yet

He is missed very much.

Peanut our attention hound with Paris who we just recently lost. It is hard when they get old and you have go on without them. 

Jerry always willing to lend a helping hand. It would not be the same without him.

Rosalyne with Stafford

Leah our working student with Tobie and Jessi having some cuddle time.

Our team